Overton High School - Memphis, Tennessee
Reunion of the First Graduating Classes 1962-65

Teachers and Staff

as of 1962 ... added 1963 ... added 1964

We, the students of Overton High, pledge ourselves to uphold the ideals of the Honorable S. Watkins Overton, who believed it was the citizen's duty to serve his country, city, and fellow man. He felt it was not only a privilege but also an honor to spend his life in public service. To this esteemed educator we dedicate our lives and our school.

Mr. Overton was Mayor of Memphis 1928-39, and 1949-53.

S. Watkins Overton

James M. Hewlett

Frank C. Billingsley
Amer., World History

Joanna Buchanan

Mrs. Kathryn Bull
Assistant Secretary

Mrs. Nancy C. Burnett
Algebra, Plane Geom.

Mrs. Dorothy M. Clift
Typing and Shorthand

Miss Josephine Conger, Geometry

Mrs. Marian Craft

Mrs. Mary Jo Crenshaw, Biology

Mrs. Judy Davis
Biology, Chemistry

B. L. Drinkard
Algebra, Geometry

Mrs. Frances Everette
Cafeteria Manager

Miss Delores Fuller
Latin, Advanced Math

Mildred S. Galloway
Voc. Home Economics

Mrs. Jeanne Gibson, Amer. History, POD

Mrs. Gere Hamilton
Spanish I and II

Mrs. Iris Hilliard
Latin, Algebra

Mr. Vaiden Jenkins

Miss Margaret Johnson, English

Miss Julia Kaiser

Ms Carol Ann Krause

John Lee
Assistant Coach

Ms Bettie Lippincott
Bookkeeping, Typing

Miss Sally Parker
Spanish, English

Marjorie Patton
Assistant Secretary

Mr. Joe Phillips
Physics, Biology

Miss Dorothy E. Pierce, English

Miss Berenice A. Reed, Art

Mrs. Mary E. Roberts

Mr. Don E. Robinson
World History

Mrs Dorothy Schraudt
Home Ec., English

Miss Mollie Schwarz
Speech, English

Mr. Ira Simmons
Typing, Bookkeeping

Mr. Howard Street
World Geo, Amer Hist

Mrs. Susan Stuart
Phys Ed, Health
Thomas Swayzee
Band Director
(Went to Messick)

Miss Annekay Tharp, English

Mr. William Vickery
General Shop

Mrs. Bonita B. Voss

Mr. Watson
Truant Officer

Mrs. Catherine Wilkins
Typewriting, Guidance

Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, Librarian

Raleigh Wilson
Band Director

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